Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Preparing for the gallery was both a fun and educational experience. I had never had my work on display in a gallery before, so I was not really sure what to expect from the process. The most challenging task for me was not in the actual setting up of the gallery, but in the preparation and selection of the images. We all had chosen around five images that we felt were the most successful and had to narrow them down to only two images to be displayed in the show. I was struggling to choose between six images that I felt best showcased my concept. Everyone I asked for opinions on which images I should choose all chose different pairings, which only made my task more difficult.

Ultimately this forced me to look at my images in a new light. Instead of simply choosing the two I liked the most aesthetically, I examined the composition of each image and how it related to my other images. What shapes and colors did they create, and how did they play off of each other? What ideas or themes do these images convey and how do they interrelate? Asking myself these questions helped me finally decide which images I wanted to put in the gallery.
The secret 7th contender for the gallery. Ultimately I decided it was
too different to use with my other images.
All of the fussing over which images to use was worth while after the gallery opening. It was a very rewarding experience to watch visitors not only look at my work but tell me that they appreciated and enjoyed it. As a Studio Art major, I appreciate having this experience and feel more prepared to participate in other galleries in the future.

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  1. The gallery had a similar effect on me in terms of being rewarding. Like you said, I appreciated my art more and felt more confident about displaying it after other people told me they enjoyed it as well.