Thursday, October 8, 2015

For project 3, I decided do something different from my usual work and themes. While being a gamer is a significant influence in my artwork, this project was meant to focus on another aspect of my identity, namely my being an unnoticed, quiet observer of my environment. I suppose this could be considered what McLuhan thinks to be an antisocial action. I often pay close attention to the details of my surroundings that no one else really notices. To showcase this, I took photos of something few really closely examine or think about: the contents of garbage cans and recycling bins.

This project presented me with many challenges, from taking clear, non-grainy photos with the camera on my phone to figuring out the best way to edit photos of garbage in Photoshop. By contrast, Flickr was a fairly easy tool to use in presenting my photos after I figured out its mechanics. In the end, I was fairly satisfied with my images, though of course changes and improvements could always be made. I'm still a novice when it comes to taking "artistic" photographs and using Photoshop, but perhaps I will be able to better execute my ideas in the future once I improve my skills.

A link to my images:

Of all of the images I took, I felt this one was the most successful.


  1. I love this concept so much! The idea of trash as something beautiful is so simple and complex at the same time, but also just so much fun to work with!

  2. This photo series is awesome! I definitely agree that garbage is not something we look at intently enough (not in the sense that we should stop and stare, but maybe recognize what we throw away and what that means to us and our environment). Also, I feel similarly about being a quiet observer, but I also wanted to let you know that you don't go unnoticed. I love the little bird you have sewn on your striped shirt!